The best 10 popular fish in Japan

Japan is surrounded by four seas and famous for variety kinds of fish.  From long ago, fishing industry is flourishing, and the amount of fish Japanese consume is top level in the world.

In japan, they have many recipes for fish and you can really enjoy them. Japanese traditional food, called “washoku”, doesn’t use meat and use only fish and vegetables.

then, lets check what kind of fish Japanese enjoy.  I’m gonna show you TOP 10 popular fish in Japan.


Mackerel is famous in Japan like other countries. It is caught in the whole country and called “Saba” in Japanese.

They like to eat raw mackerel soaking in vinegar which is called “shimesaba”.  When you come to Japan, you can enjoy it in Sushi shop or Supermarket.


Eel is luxury food in Japan. They grill eel by charcoal and always use soy sauce, Japanese Sake and sugar as seasoning. 

There are many shops which specializes in EEL. Its taste is completely different from the ell you eat in your country, so lets try!!


Pufferfish is famous for its poison, but it is luxury food in Japan.  Its taste is simple and very delicious. Japanese eat not only its flesh but skin and fin, and they are also delicious.

There is a special license for cooking puffer fish, so you can enjoy it safely.  Maybe eating it is very rare experience when you travel to japan.


Most japanese like sea bream because its red color is beautiful and recognized as a lucky charm. They enjoy sea bream when something happy happens.

its taste is simple and delicious. I recommend you to eat sea bream raw and it taste is so sweet. 


TUNA is one of the most popular fish in Japan. They consume TUNA most in the world. You can enjoy TUNA everywhere in Japan and they especially like to eat TUNA raw. Shush and Sashimi of Tuna are very popular.

If you come to Japan, you should go sushi shop and try Tuna sushi. You must be satisfied with it.

Tuna is classified as “Akami, Chutoro and O-toro”, which is based on how oily it is in the tuna flesh. Akami is relatively simple and light taste part of the tune, and O-toro is most rich taste part of the tuna. Chutoro is in the middle part of Akami and O-toro.


Salmon is popular in japan like other countries. Hokkaido prefecture, in the northern part of Japan, is famous for salmon from long ago. Today 70% of salmon comes from Norway and Chili, so you have to check whether it is from Japan or not.


Salmon roe as well as Salmo is popular in Japan. Most Japanese enjoy it as sushi. Its taste is rich and delicious. When you go to sushi shop, you can always enjoy roe salmon roe. 

Salmon roe sushi is very delicious, but don’t eat too much because it has much cholesterol !!  


Japanese has a tradition to eat octopus from long ago. You might think octopus as devil, but its taste is simple and delicious.

Japanese eat octopus as “takoyaki and sushi”  You can eat octopus sushi everywhere inJapan. Takoyaki is famous in Osaka and its neighborhood prefectures. If you come around Osaka, lets try Takoyaki!!


Sea urchin called “UNI” is famous in japan. Its taste is rich and delicious. Sea urchin is cultivated and caught in Hokkaido, northern part of Japan.

It is luxury food, but you can enjoy its sushi everywhere inJapan. Most Japanese people like to eat it as sushi.  Its taste is sometimes ridiculous for people abroad, so lets try once!!


Laver is traditional food in Japan and indispensable in their life. Japanese often uses laver when they eat sushi or eat rice. Laver is light and compact, so it is a very popular souvenir.